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miercuri, 30 martie 2011

Ce vremuri, dom'le, ce vremuri!...

Comprising notes, additions and emendations
By C. W. Viner, A. M. Ph. D.

(...) Moldavia

There was a tradition of an early issue of Moldavian stamps. Mr. Brown inserted one in his first edition, but cancelled it afterwards. We saw them two years ago in a Paris collection, and are now able to quote them correctly from genuine specimens. Inscription, Porto scrisori. This partly surrounds a bull's head surmounted by a star : underneath is a bugle horn, in the volution of which the value is marked : the whole circumscribed by a plain ring, and hand-stamped on tinted paper : 54 paras, green; 81, blue; 108, blue on lilac.
There is a finely-executed forgery of the 1861 issue, 5 par., porto scrisorei.

(The Stamp's Collectors Magazine, iunie 1863)


At the conclusion of our papers on the Moldo-Wallachian Provinces in the July number of last year's magazine, we ventured to anticipate the promulgation of a series of stamps bearing the head of the reigning sovereign. Our prognostics are now realised by the appearance of a type of similar character with the impressions employed by the rest of the civilised world (...)

(The Stamp's Collectors Magazine, aprilie 1865)


And now for a few words on the recent issue of the Moldo-Wallachian stamps. These stamps are all lithographed, and each value is separately engraved, consequently the 2 paras differs from the 5, as the 5 differs from the 20, but only in some minute points in design, background, and inscription (...)

(The Stamp's Collectors Magazine, iunie 1865)

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