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joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Umorul britanic nu se dezminte

Vă redau un mic fragment dintr-un articolaş publicat în numărul din 1 decembrie 1870 al revistei „The Stamp-Collector’s Magazine”, care anunţa punerea în circulaţie a primei benzi pentru ziare româneşti (1½ bani negru pe verde).

It was reported a little time back, that a new series of adhesives for this state was being prepared in Paris, but unless (which is very improbable) the stock has been “ballooued” out of the capital, we may assume that existing forces majeures prevent the emission of the series, and to these circumstances may probably be described the appearance of another stamp of a type similar to that of the 1866-69 series, and like it – home made [referirea la seria comandată la Paris este pentru emisiunea cu acelaşi nume]. This stamp introduces a fresh value, 1½ parale, and we gain from the portrait of Prince Charles, with which it is adorned, an interesting fact connected with that ruler’s private habits – he has let his beard grow! The annual changes in ex-Queen Isabella’s coiffure were once reffered to in a foreign journal, and why should we hesitateto note an alteration in what writers of the circumlocution school would term – Prince Charles’ “hirsute appendage.” Let it be known, then, that the Roumanian sovereign now allows his beard to completely encircle his chin. The change, to judge from the portrait, is not to be regretted, the prince thereby looks a little older, but his really finely-cut features age as pleasing as ever. Prince Charles is, to our idea, in appearance the beau-idéal of a frank, clever, and courteous English gentleman. [Sublinierile cursive sunt conforme cu textul original]

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