Îi atenţionez pe cititorii permanenţi sau ocazionali că nu sunt interesat de achiziţii (nici măcar de chilipiruri), nu fac comerţ, nu fac evaluări şi expertize, nu fac niciun fel de intermedieri şi nu asigur servicii de ştiri sau consultanţă

joi, 6 august 2015

About Jennes & Kluetterman 63rd Auction and forgeries of Romanian classic stamps they intend to sell. DO NOT BID if you do not know how to spot forgeries!

Sometimes it happens to meet fakes in international stamp auctions. Nobody is perfect and nobody can learn tips and tricks about classic stamps from the whole world. That is why most auction houses tend to specialize for a certain country, a certain area or some periods.
If they can not make all these, they usually pay experts to help them.

Unfortunately, for some merchants money matters more than honor.

I made some screen captures with some obvious fakes. I am convinced that connoisseurs will approve me. I have to underline that there is not any contract between this company and myself (nor has ever been one). The internet pages where I made captures can be publicly accessed by anyone without logging in or register.

I have to note also that selling of Romanian forged stamps might be treated according to Romanian criminal law in some certain circumstances.

On this blog I have published a lot of posts about Romanian stamps forgeries. Unfortunately, most fakes of Romanian stamps and a lot of bogus overprints (called "private issues") are provided on international stamp market by German dealers or German collectors. This situation must, however, stop!

Meanwhile, if you don't know what you're doing, PLEASE DO NOT BID for Romanian classics and try to find someone who knows more about these stamps.

Please check carefully all lots of classic Romanian stamps, there are more fakes than the above shown lots.

Cititorii români care nu se descurcă cu limba engleză pot apela cu încredere la Google Translate.

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